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Title: Brickenburg Summer Contest 2016 - The Neo Classic Town Experience
Post by: Kolege on July 20, 2016, 03:00:47 PM
Pozivamo vas da učestvujete u takmičenju u organizaciji The Brickenburg Association RLUG-a, opis i propozcije možete pročitati ispod. Srećno! :)

Brickenburg Summer Contest 2016
The Neo Classic Town Experience

 - This is not a kids only contest. It is open to all persons familiarized with LEGO ® hobby, adults or children
- Participating in this contest presumes that the competitor understands and accepts the rules of the competition and also knows the specific language of the hobby
- The prizes are offered for the works and not for the age of the competitor
- A work can be disqualified even after it was accepted in the contest if a fraud is discovered
- The special prize will be offered by the jury for special reasons to one of the works which could be amongst the winning ones and without taking into consideration the number of points it has been marked with.
- If special costs are involved for the prize delivery (e.g. custom fees for countries outside EU ) they will be covered by the addresee.
1. The theme of the contest and special lines
The  Neo Classic Town Experience
The work must not contain or suggest any immoral/violent/religious/fanatic attitude or surpass any basic moral rule. The work should be family friendly and oriented to Classic Town theme. The maximum base surface of the work is 48 x 96 studs
A.   The vehicles should be built in the 4 wide scale for minifig - that means that exceptional additional elements on one side could not be wider than one extra stud.
B.   The trains should be built in the 6 wide scale - that means that exceptional additional elements on one side could not be wider than one extra stud.
C.   The minifigs expressions should be relaxed. No thief, no angry characters.
D.   The atmosphere of a scene should be constructive and not disastrous.
E.   At least one significant element from Classic Era should be used in the work ( window, door, windscreen, wheel, hull etc )
F.   The use of SNOT (studs not on top), SOT (studs on top) SSOP (some studs on top) techniques are permitted.

2. Participation

Any person over 6 years old can join in the contest with only one work, representing any type of building which follows the special lines above. Minor participants must have the express written agreement of their legal representative. Participants will indicate their name, age, delivery address, and, when regarding the minor participants, among the previously mentioned data they have to add those of their legal representative. The participant assumes his/her responsibility on the correctness of the given data, such a responsibility being also assumed by the legal representative in the case of the minor participants. Including a phone number might be useful.
The coordinators and the members of the jury are allowed to bring in their own works in the contest but these works will not be marked.

3. Progress
The works must be participants’ personal creations and they must exclusively contain LEGO® construction elements. Collective works, works that have previously participated in other contests, works that have been made public until the 15th of July 2016, official sets or remakes of official LEGO® sets are not to be admitted in the contest. Works which generally denote that the builder disregards the purpose of the contest (for example non-sense put together bricks, general meaning given by the builder cannot be attributed to his/her work, extremely careless execution etc.) are also not to be admitted in the contest.
Every participant will send 3 digital photos of his/her personal creation, taken from different angles, and a photo presenting the builder together with his/her creation to brickenburg@yahoo.com, until the 15th of September 2016.
The last photo will not be displayed on the contest website space. Messages received after this deadline or lacking of necessary data will not be taken in consideration.
Until posting the final results of the contest participants are forbidden to upload pictures of their works on other websites, or indicate on forums or on other public spots their belonging of the work. In the case this rule is violated the work will automatically be disqualified. Exhibiting the work in a live exhibition is allowed but without the specification of the builder’s name.
The works will be numbered and the photos sent to the contest will be posted on the Brickenburg RLUG official website in chronological order. Every work from the contest will receive 5 marks from 1 to 15, the score received by each work will be posted at the end of the contest on the Brickenburg RLUG website until the 25th of September 2016 11p.m. Romanian hour, if any other technical difficulties do not interfere.
In case of equal scores priority will be given to the work sent earlier during the contest, other works with the same scores stepping on the following places according to the moment they had been sent.
The builders of the first classified works will get the prizes and will be put in evidence on the organizing LUG website and pictures of their creations will be kept on the “Winners” section. The prizes will be delivered in the first half of October 2016 at the indicated address from the joining in e-mail. If the winner desires the insurance of the parcel he/she will be covering the costs of the insurance.
The winners of the contest have the obligation that after receiving the prize to send a photo, showing themselves with the prize, to the lugs.united@yahoo.com, e-mail address. This photo will be posted together with the image representing their winning work on the organizing LUGs websites.
The organizing LUG can use the pictures of the works enlisted in the contest together with the specification of the builder’s name in any of their future activity.  The participation in the contest presumes the agreement for the public use of the provided pictures.

4. The Jury
The jury is composed by the representatives of:
The Brickenburg Association RLUG – Cluj-Napoca, Transilvania, Romania
Kockajatek RLUG – Budapest, Hungary
Beokocka RLUG – Beograd, Serbia
Kockice RLUG – Zagreb, Croatia
Kolege LUG – Beograd, Serbia

5. The Special Prize of the Jury
The Special Prize is kindly offered by the Kockajatek RLUG and consists in one 25 EUR voucher to be used for buying LEGO(R) articles from the specified store.
The Special Prize will be won by the work which accumulates the simple majority of votes.  In case of equal scores priority will be given to the work sent earlier during the contest.

6. The Prizes and the Honourable Mentions:
The prizes and the honourable mentions are offered by the Brickenburg Association RLUG and they  consist of:

1st Prize: LEGO(R) Set no 21028 New York City
2nd Prize LEGO(R) Set no 21026 Venice
3rd Prize LEGO(R) Set no 21027 Berlin
1st Honourable Mention LEGO(R) Set no 60119 Ferry
2nd Honourable Mention LEGO(R) Set no 31046 Fast Car
3rd Honourable Mention LEGO(R) Set no 75115 Poe Dameron
4th Honourable Mention LEGO(R) Set no 60100 Airport Starter Set